Dojo Health Plan

Thank you all very much for your diligence and support during this time. Your health and wellness are our top priority and we want you to feel safe as you return to the mats.

The MNDept. of Health has released guidelines for safely returning to play and we want to lay out our plan for you and your family.

Class Types

We will retain virtual classes as an option for all members that are not ready to return to physical classes. Please go at your own pace and be sure to communicate with us throughout the process.

In person classes will still have a pod structure where mixing is minimized. Partner exercises within pods will take place, similar to previous class structures.

Health Screening

At the beginning of every class, each participant and instructor will have their temperature taken (anyone with 100 degree temp. or over must not attend class).

Before leaving for practice answer the following:

  • are you (your kids) feeling well?
    • do you/they have a cough?
    • do you/they feel short of breath?
    • do you/they have a sore throat?
  • have you/they been around anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?

If the answer is YES then do not come to class.

Pod Closures

If a student is diagnosed with COVID-19 please let Sensei Max know immediately.

In the event of a positive case, both the entire pod and the instructor must sit out for a period of time.

Cleaning Procedures

  • mats, crash pads, bands and wall pads are disinfected between every class
  • all floors are disinfected between every class
  • bathroom is cleaned between uses

Plan for Adjustments

We are re-opening in a phased approach that follows MN Dept. of Health guidelines and prioritize your health over all else. Please prepare for agile changes that follow MN guidelines.

We are on a sliding scale - if we do not like the outcome of our current plan then we will slide the scale backward.


Please let Sensei Max know if you have any questions at all. Clear communication is the key to safely returning to the mats. Thank you all very much.

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