Hon Kesa Gatame vs Kuzure Kesa Gatame - Scarf Hold

Kesa gatame means "scarf hold" in english and is a natural transition from any hip throw and most forward throws.

How to teach Kesa Gatame:

  • walk knees to armpit
  • closes arm grabs around head
  • furthest arm from uke grabs their sleeve and puts it in your armpit
  • clamp elbow down
  • baseball slide into "S" position
  • keep head down to prevent uke from hooking head with their leg

How to Escape from Kesa Gatame:
  • make a "C" with your outside hand and put in partner's armpit
  • turn inside to face your partner
  • shrimp your butt away while pushing with your hand in armpit to make space
  • get to knees
  • push with your hand in the armpit to pop your head out

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