Single Leg Escape

Use this technique when your partner shoots in on a single leg takedown. With the single leg escape you'll be able to get out of the position and end in a whizzer position (overhook).


Here are the steps after your partner shoots in on you for a single leg:

  • they've got your leg in between their legs after they've taken the shot
  • scoot your foot to the outside of their leg and post the top of your foot on their quad
  • to prevent them from transitioning to a double leg takedown, we grab their far wrist
  • our close hand is on their close elbow so we can pull ourselves in
  • pull with both our hand on the wrist and the hand on their elbow as we jump closer to them
  • as we get close, we kick our leg down to break the leg free
  • keep your wrist grip and keep your whizzer (overhook) grip

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