Monday's Workout, 3/30/2020

Monday's class schedule:

Things to note:

  • please be on time, these are 30 minute sessions so we'll be jumping right in
  • install "zoom cloud meetings" on your device before joining
  • wear your uniform, we'll be bow in and EVERYTHING
  • if you have a parent or sibling for uchikomis, it will be more fun and helpful
  • have water and have SPACE, you WILL be working out
  • come prepared with 1 example of how you're going to show COOPERATION (theme of the cycle) at home to help your family
  • if you have a conflict and cannot attend, please do the workout at home and have a parent keep track of it for class attendance
  • schedule your 1-on-1 with me by clicking here (I hope to meet with you at least once every 2 weeks for quick check-ins)

Monday's workout is:

  • warm-up (in place!) - always be sure you're jogging in place when waiting for next exercise
    • jumping jacks
    • burpees
    • 10-10-10 (pushups, sit ups, jump overs)
    • high knees
    • butt kicks
    • 10-10-10 (pushups, sit ups, jump overs)
    • mountain climbers
    • 30 squats
    • flutter kicks
    • lunges (alternating legs)
    • skipping in place
    • 10-10-10 (pushups, sit ups, jump overs)
    • jump overs
    • squats (counting in Japanese! - 3 sets)
  • circuit (3 rounds of this) (0:30 for minis, 0:45 for everyone else)
    • plank hold  - 30 seconds
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • push ups - 30 seconds (as many as you can)
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • squats - 30 seconds
    • rest - 10 seconds
  • techniques
  • leadership skills
    • theme of the cycle: COOPERATION - WORKING TOGETHER! 
    • say please and thank you
    • offer to help around the house
    • make your bed EVERYDAY
    • clean up after yourself (toys, food, etc) right after using
    • goal for the day tomorrow

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