Monday's Workout 4/27

Happy Monday!! Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few hours.

Monday's class schedule:

Please schedule your 15 minute 1-on-1 with me so I can review these techniques with you and connect. Please click here: https://grapplerstation.as.me/1-on-1

  • find your favorite judoka
    • step #1: go to https://judobase.ijf.org/
    • step #2: find 1 of your favorite WOMEN and MEN judokas (this can be any country or weight class)
    • step #3: pick 1 match in particular of each of theirs that you like. It could be a favorite throw or it could be from an important tournament (Olympics or World Championships)
    • step #4: send me your picks!

For example, here are my picks:

  • circuit (3 rounds of this) (0:30 for minis, 0:45 for everyone else)
    • weighted sit ups
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • hop to sumo squat
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • hand to knee mountain climbers
    • rest - 10 seconds
  • techniques
    • leadership skills
      • theme of the cycle: COOPERATION - WORKING TOGETHER! 
      • say please and thank you
      • always be asking "how can I help you."
      • help siblings too!

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