Online Workout 3/19/2020

We're getting better at these! So here's the plan, we'll invite individual families to come down and run a workout at the dojo or outside. This is a great chance to highlight each of our amazing families, but also gives the whole dojo a chance to catch up with their teammates.

Please click here to join our Grappler Station Facebook Community group. That is the easiest way for all teammates to interact.

Second, we're going to create a structure for these workouts into 4 pieces:
  • warm-up
    • this is a run or jog that takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes (choose something moderately challenging) and includes all of the stuff we do at the dojo (listed below)
  • circuit
    • we will change these up each practice but these are a great way to get a real sweat going
  • techniques
    • this is your time to review, drill, and TEACH these techniques to family members
  • game
    • play a quick game to keep things fun


        • 5-20 minute run
          • jump and skip
          • shuffle inside and outside
          • 10-10-10 (push-ups, sit-ups, jump overs)
          • high knees
          • butt kicks
          • 10-10-10 (push-ups, sit-ups, jump overs)
          • head to your yard or a field
            • duck walks
            • bunny hops
            • frog jumps
            • bear crawls (or table top bear crawls) backwards, forwards, sideways
            • crab walks
            • 30 push-ups
            • 30 sit-ups
            • 30 squats
            • plank holds (time yourself on your phone)
              • minis - 0:30
              • basic kids - 0:45
              • advanced kids - 1:00
              • adults - 1:00


            Download the FLEXTIMER app here by clicking here to get the free app we use at the dojo to set intervals.

            To make an timer for this exercise go to TIMERS > ROUND

            FlexTimer Gym Round 45 Second Circuit

            • 3 rounds of the following for a 9 minute long circuit (feel free to scale this down if it is too difficult)
              • burpees for 0:45 seconds
              • rest 0:10 seconds
              • jumping jacks for 0:45 seconds
              • rest 0:10 seconds
              • mountain climbers for 0:45 seconds
              • rest 0:10 seconds


            • Ippon Seoi Nage Uchikomis (fit ins only - no throws!)
              • 3 sets of 1:00 minute rounds each person
              • rest 0:10 seconds between rounds
              • 1 set of SPEED UCHIKOMIS (as fast as you can)
            • Spiral Ride
              • 3 sets of 1:00 minute rounds each person
              • rest 0:10 seconds between rounds
            • Kuzure Kesa Gatame - Broken Scarf Hold
              • 20 each person, switching each time 

            Game - Soccer

            Set up goals on either side of your yard or a field with any objects you can find and play two games. First to 5 goals wins. Losing team has to do 10 push-ups. Be sure to change members of each team between games.

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