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Online Workout 3/24/2020

Here's today's workout! Please note the SOCIAL points at the bottom. Remember that leadership and social skills are just like muscles - don't let them fatigue.

Please print out a workout calendar by clicking here so parents can track how many workouts their child does.

  • warm-up
    • run or jog outside anywhere from 5-20 minutes (choose something moderately challenging) and includes all of the stuff we do at the dojo (like inside shuffle, jumping, skipping, high knees, 10-10-10, and anything else you want to add in)
  • circuit (3 rounds of this means 9 minutes total)
    • burpees - 45 seconds
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • plank - 45 seconds
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • jumping jacks - 45 seconds
    • rest - 10 seconds
  • techniques
    • Ippon Seoi Nage Uchikomis - 4 sets of 1:00 minute rounds each person, rest 0:10 seconds between rounds
    • 1 set of SPEED UCHIKOMIS (as fast as you can) 1 minute
    • Spiral Ride - 3 sets of 1:00 minute rounds each person, rest 0:10 seconds between rounds
    • Kuzure Kesa Gatame - Broken Scarf Hold - 20 repetitions each person, switching each time
  • game
    • Hold down contest - pin your partner for 20 seconds and see if they can escape to their belly. Person who loses has to do 10 squats!
  • social practice
    • set a goal for yourself to achieve THIS WEEK
    • say please and thank you
    • offer to help around the house EVERY DAY
    • make your bed EVERY MORNING
    • clean up after yourself (toys, food, etc) right after using
    • post a photo or video of yourself when you train at home to encourage your teammates!

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