Online Workout 3/27-3/29

TODAY'S WORKOUT (if you're joining our call today, you can wait until 3PM):

  • Join today at 3PM by clicking here: https://meet.google.com/pwd-wwuf-pyk
  • The access code is pwd-wwuf-pyk but if you download the app before hand it should auto-join for you when you click the link.
  • 3 ways to join: computer, iPad (tablet) or phone. I would prefer computer or phone, since it will be easier for you to see me and for me to see you
  • Wear your gi! We will be bowing in and doing a workout just like always.
  • Make sure you have a lot of space and that you're SAFE - matted or carpeted rooms may work best

If you have trouble joining text me at 612-356-2408!

If you cannot join us, this is today's workout!

  • warm-up (in place!) - always be sure you're jogging in place when waiting for next exercise
    • jumping jacks
    • burpees
    • 10-10-10 (pushups, sit ups, jump overs)
    • high knees
    • butt kicks
    • 10-10-10 (pushups, sit ups, jump overs)
    • mountain climbers
    • flutter kicks
    • lunges (alternating legs)
    • skipping in place
    • 10-10-10 (pushups, sit ups, jump overs)
    • jump overs
    • squats (counting in Japanese! - 3 sets)
  • circuit (3 rounds of this)
    • squat holds  - 30 seconds (hold position with legs straight)
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • push ups - 30 seconds (as many as you can)
    • rest - 10 seconds
    • squats - 30 seconds
    • rest - 10 seconds
  • techniques
  • leadership skills
    • theme of the cycle: COOPERATION - WORKING TOGETHER! What are you going to do today to help your PARENTS and SIBLINGS?
    • say please and thank you
    • offer to help around the house
    • make your bed EVERYDAY
    • clean up after yourself (toys, food, etc) right after using
    • post a photo or video of yourself when you train at home to encourage your teammates!

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