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UPDATED 6/8 - New Schedule

As of Monday, June 8, we are updating the schedule to add in new class types. Please see the schedule below.

Notable changes:

Schedule by day:

      Outdoor Class Table:

      Name Day Start
      Cheetokas Tuesday 4:30pm
      Ikkyu Express Tuesday 5:15pm 5:45pm
      Yeehaw Gang Tuesday 6:00pm 6:30pm
      PODsquad Tuesday 6:45pm 7:15pm
      Cheetokas Saturday 9:00am 9:30am
      Ikkyu Express Saturday 9:45am 10:15am
      Yeehaw Gang Saturday 10:30am 11:00am
      PODsquad Saturday 11:15am 11:45am


      Last Name: Pod Name
      Murray Cheetokas
      Brown Cheetokas
      Milburn Cheetokas
      Verbrugge Cheetokas
      Dady Cheetokas
      Sullivan Cheetokas
      Alcos Cheetokas
      Modelli Cheetokas
      Stevens Ikkyu Express
      Dayton Ikkyu Express
      Morrell Ikkyu Express
      Kay Ikkyu Express
      Alkatout Ikkyu Express
      Cole PODsquad
      Houle PODsquad
      Schmitt PODsquad
      Gaboury PODsquad
      Coleman PODsquad
      Solis-Monter Yeehaw Gang
      Hesse-Moline Yeehaw Gang
      Alter Yeehaw Gang
      Hernandez Yeehaw Gang
      Martinez Yeehaw Gang
      Tupy Yeehaw Gang
      Kesha Yeehaw Gang
      Mahoney Yeehaw Gang


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