Online Judo Workout - 3/17/2019

Everyone! Here's our first work out to get you all set up at home. Keep in mind that all of this can be scaled up or down depending on your area and the age of the participant. We want this to be fun, challenging, and feasible to do on a regular basis. If you find out the workouts are too difficult for you or your child feel free to scale back. If you feel that they are not challenging enough, feel free to either add more reps or sets or add in some exercises that may be missing.

For many of these workouts, we recommend that you head over to the field or in your front or backyard. When doing exercises like duck walks or frog jumps, use a specific length or distance to separate sets.



  • run around your block once or twice as you add these exercises in (just like in practice)
    • jump and skip
    • shuffle inside and outside
    • 10-10-10 (push-ups, sit-ups, jump overs)
    • high knees
    • butt kicks
    • 10-10-10 (push-ups, sit-ups, jump overs)
    • head to your yard or a field
      • duck walks
      • bunny hops
      • frog jumps
      • bear crawls (or table top bear crawls) backwards, forwards, sideways
      • 30 push-ups
      • 30 sit-ups
      • 30 squats
      • plank holds (time yourself on your phone)
        • minis - 0:30
        • basic kids - 0:45
        • advanced kids - 1:00
        • adults - 1:00

      Standing Technique - Ippon Seoi Nage

      • review cues and steps
        • grap sleeve
        • step at the top of the L
        • open the window
        • upper cut under partner's bicep
        • full pivot (back flat to partner’s chest)
      • Uchikomis (only fitting in, no throws at home!)
        • first set, relaxed tempo - 1:00 duration
        • second set, medium tempo - 0:45 duration
        • third set, medium tempo - 0:45 duration
        • final set, contest round (who can do the most) - 0:45 duration

      Ground Technique - Spiral Ride

      • review cues and steps
        • start on one side of your partner
        • reach around their hip with close hand and flag on the inside of your partner's thigh
        • your far hand flags under their arm
        • spin toward their head to knock them flat
      • drill the spiral ride
        • first set, relaxed tempo - 1:00 duration
        • second set, relaxed tempo - 1:00 duration
        • final set, relaxed tempo - 10 repetitions 

      Game - Soccer!

      Set up goals on either side of your yard or a field with any objects you can find and play two games. First to 5 goals wins. Losing team has to do 10 push-ups. Be sure to change members of each team between games.

      Have Fun!

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