Annual Plan


We want to provide the largest discount to our most dedicated families. Your commitment to the program allows us to better plan for dojo growth and provide new offerings, so you deserve a reward.

 Most popular selection
• 12 month term
• Unlimited classes
• $480 saved per year
• Keep rate after term is up

Semi-Annual Plan


Commit for 6 months and knock $20 off your membership. Easy peasy!

• 6 month term
• Unlimited classes
• $20 saved per month
• Keep rate after term is up

Monthly Plan


Need more time to decide if our dojo is the right fit? This flexible plan is for you.

• Month-to-month term
• Unlimited classes
• Freeze anytime

Family Pricing

First 2 members are 100% tuition value. Any members after that are 50% off.

For example, if a family of 3 are joining and select the Annual Plan, then their tuition calculation would be: 

$155 + $155 + ( $155 x 50%) = $387.50/mo.

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