Nurturing Your Child's Confidence Is A Full Time Job

Many parents struggle with these obstacles ...

▶︎ ︎Your child spends too much time on the iPad

▶︎ ︎Bullies at school break your child's confidence

▶︎ Other sports don't prepare your children for tough situations

▶︎ Your child has a hard time sticking with activities

▶︎ Finding a positive role model you trust is hard

▶︎ Your child has difficulty staying focused and reaching their potential

Your Guide To Growth

We know what it feels like - not knowing where to turn to develop your child's character.

That's why the Grappler Station was built around a framework that guides students, one step at a time, from a beginner to a class leader.

Join the 200+ families who have already changed the way they instill confidence in their family.

Grow Your Confidence In 3 Steps

Your journey from beginner to teammate will be easy, fun, and rewarding. We'll guide you every step of the way.

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We take your training seriously and are here to give you the very best.

Preschool Martial Arts

Building good habits and respecting boundaries are key concepts in this curriculum. Expect to see your child show greater respect for their siblings and friends. Most parents note that their child is a better listener after their time on the mat.

Kids Martial Arts

In this program we focus on confidence building and resilience. Expect to see your child speak up for themselves and show pride in their leadership abilities.

Teen Martial Arts

Your child is growing up fast and being a teen can be stressful. Our program focuses on building self-esteem and self-respect through responsibility. Your child will learn the rewards of hard work, consistency, and the gratification that comes with both.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This grappling based sport is one of the most effective forms of self-defense but is also amazingly fun. Sometimes known as the chess of martial arts, you'll learn the power of position over strength.


Judo is a modern martial art that is fast paced and an amazing workout. It is a mix of many martial arts and resembles freestyle wrestling mixed with Jiu Jitsu. In this program you'll get fit, have fun, and learn an effective form of self-defense.

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