Bait Gripping Sequence

What is The Bait Gripping Sequence?

Gripping is the secret ingredient for moving from a good judoka to a great judoka.

If you want the upper hand and to beat people who are better than you, mastering gripping will go a long way in both Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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How to do The Bait Gripping Sequence.

We'll start with posting your hand on your uke's shoulder.

  1. Your uke is going to try to reach over, and you are going to grab the wrist.
  2. After grabbing the wrist, push it down, to your partner's hip.
  3. Next you want to get the high hand, which means either grab the collar and putting your elbow on your uke's chest, or do a five star on the back, meaning, put your palm on uke's back and then grab their gi. 

When should I use Bait Gripping Sequence?

This move is best used when you want to out grip your partner.

You'll see in the videos above a demonstration on this gripping sequence.

My best advice is that gripping is important, Take the time to learn this sequence and master it.

What if I have questions?

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