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What is the Canto Choke?

The Canto Choke is an easy but powerful choke popularized by Flavio Canto, the Brazilian Judo superstar.

If you like doing Tomoe Nage or other sacrifice throws, the Canto Choke is a good way to go.

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How to do the Canto Choke

Start in knee shield guard and get the same side grip.

  1. With the top knee, use it to kick them so they post their arm.
  2. From there, under hook, and pull yourself around.
  3. Next you want to free the top leg by kicking the leg out, swing it all the way around and over the head.
  4. Make sure your calf is on his head, straighten the leg and pull the the lapel for the choke.

When should I use the Canto Choke?

This move is best used when you're in knee shield guard or if you've just done a sacrifice throw, like Tomoe Nage or Sumi Gaeshi.

You'll see in the video above you want to be in half guard, not full guard for this move.

Canto Choke done from half guard in Jiu Jitsu

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