Gator Roll

gator roll judo

What is the Gator Roll?

The Gator Roll is a last-ditch effort before the referee calls matte (stop). If you're looking for a quick and easy way to open up your opponent and stay on the ground then this is a good option.

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How to do the Gator Roll in Judo or BJJ

We'll start with your partner in turtle:

  1. Right hand goes to come underneath the armpit and grabs onto the close lapel of their gi (in the middle)
  2. Lay your body over over to the other side and block their legs while shooting the left hand all the way across his chest and out the other side so you can grab their shoulder
  3. Roll through so their back is on the ground
  4. Catch it here and prevent any more rolling from happening. Get up on your knees, with your face is down on the ground and butt-up
  5. You're gonna squeeze your partner for the pin.

When should I use Gator Roll?

This move is best used when you have a very defensive partner and/or you're looking to wear the clock down (if you're up on points).

You'll see in the videos above you can hit this from either side and it shouldn't be a tough grip to get (on the lapel).

With all this said you have to make sure you're careful as you're rolling through. Don't second-guess yourself or else you could wind up pinning yourself. Happy rolling!

What if I have questions?

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