Gripping Strategy

How should I start?

Use the SSS (three S) of gripping

  • study: are they righties or lefties. Best way to determine this is to watch a match of theirs. Second best way is to look at their stance. If they have their right foot forward, it's a good bet that they're a righty. If they have their left foot forward, they're likely a lefty.
  • shuffle: shuffle away from the direction they're trying to throw you, clockwise or counter-clockwise. They're trying to throw you in the direction their chest is angled.
  • start over: always start over if you ever lose control of the power hand or feel that you no longer have the gripping advantage. Disengage and start the exchange over again.

How do you grip same sided opponents?

Use the POP sequence

  • power-hand: kill the sleeve and hold it to their hip. They shouldn't be able to grab your lapel with this hand.
  • over-hand: get your collar or five-star grip
  • posture: breaking posture with elbow down in front of the chest

How do you grip opposite sided opponents?

Use the PLAY sequence

  • power-hand: this is their left hand, pin it to their hip. They shouldn't be able to grab your lapel with this hand. This makes you very hard to throw.
  • lapel: grip high on the far lapel to put yourself in an offensive position.
  • adjust: be sure that your leading foot and shoulder are in line with your opponent's, put your forehead into their temple.
  • yank: jostle your partner by snapping the lapel hand forward. The lapel will usually be the leading hand when you go for an attack.

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