Kami Shiho Gatame - Upper Four Quarter Hold

Kami shiho gatame means "upper four quarter hold" in english and is known for being one of the hardest pins to escape from. This is a common position to end in after you've hit a Half Nelson turnover so make sure NOT neglect this pin.

Teaching Kami Shiho Gatame:

  • put belly button next to ear
  • stay chest to chest with uke
  • double scoop your arms under uke's arms
  • grab belt and pull towards you

Teaching How to Escape from Kami Shiho Gatame:
  • swim your hands and wedge them in between your chest and your partner's chest
  • lift butt off of ground to bridge
  • drop your butt down and turn inside towards your partner to try and make a 90 degree angle
  • push with your hands and shrimp at the same time to create space and turn to stomach

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