Koshi Guruma - Hip Wheel

What is Koshi Guruma?

Koshi Guruma means Hip Wheel in english. This throw is great for Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because it's a frontward facing throw which means you are taking your uke and throwing them over you.

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How to do Koshi Guruma

We'll start with grabbing your uke's sleeve.

  1. Next step at the top of the triangle with your leading foot.
  2. Then "open the window" as we like to say which means you pull the sleeve up for your kuzushi (breaking balance).
  3. Take your free hand and put it around your partner's head.
  4. Next pivot and stick your butt out the window and twist to throw your partner.

Here's the Kodokan's version:

When should I use Koshi Guruma?

This move is best used when you want to throw your uke forward. If they're pushing into you hard then you can use their force against them.

You'll see in the videos above you there's another explanation on Koshi Guruma and a demonstration.

My best advice is to take it slow and do every step, re-watch the videos if needed.

What if I have questions?

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