Yoko Shiho Gatame - Side Four Quarter Hold

Yoko shiho gatame means "side four quarter hold" in english and is a common but essential pin to know. You will end up here ALL THE TIME. Below is a demonstration on how to both teach Yoko shiho gatame and also how to teach an inside turn escape.

Teaching Yoko Shiho Gatame:

  • walk knees to side
  • arm closest to legs goes in between uke's legs and out the far side to grab belt or skirt
  • arm closest to head goes under uke's neck
  • stay chest to chest

Teaching How to Escape:
  • create shelf (make a seal around partner's shoulder)
  • turn inside towards partner
  • shrimp your butt away from your partner and push with your arms to make space
  • fight to scissor their legs or escape to your belly

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